This tour is in one of the most epic destination in the world: Patagonia. The glaciers, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers are simply awe-inspiring to landscape photographers. It is a beautiful land hardly “touched” by the human presence and modern/western civilization. It’s pure, free of light pollution, and has not changed over millions of years. It is an ultimate photographic destination with the most breathtaking scenes on Earth.

2017 Patagonia Photo Tour

April 23 – May 3rd, 2017 Sold Out!
Photo guides: Greg Boratyn & Jim Zuckerman
Cost: $6750 (includes double occupancy lodging and transport during the workshop time)
For single lodging supplement: $1000
Deposit: $1000
Class size: 14.
For itinerary please see Jim’s website HERE.
More Patagonia images are available HERE

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