Greg Boratyn is renowned landscape and nature photographer. He’s been awarded for his photography in many photography competitions including The Sharper Eye Photo Contest organized by Topaz and New York Institute of Photography, and more recently in OC Fair Photography Competition in Costa Mesa, California. His photographs have been published in magazines and advertising industry worldwide. Greg also participates in the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills, California.

Greg lives in Orange County, California.

Awards & Publications:

  • CREATIV Issue 5
  • Landscape Magazine Issue 62.
  • Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design No. 42-43. Article on Patagonia.
  • Answer Magazine: Cover Photo & Article on Bristlecone Pine Trees in White Mountains, CA.
  • Digital Photographer Magazine article: Color in Photography.
  • SHOT! Portuguese Photography Magazine – January 2015
  • “L’Art de l’univers” (The art of the Universe) book cover published by the “Actes Sud” French publishing house
  • 1st place in OC Fair Photography Competition in class “Waterscape/Lakescape”
  • 1st place in OC Fair Photography Competition in Landscape Division
  • Judges Choice in OC Fair Photography Competition
  • “The Sharper Eye Photo Contest” organized by Topaz Labs and New York Institute of Photography
  • Cover photo of January 2014 LeNz: The Magazine for Advance Methods for Nikon Photographers
  • Camerapixo Photo Magazine: “We Inspire”, Volume Three
  • Camerapixo Photo Magazine: “The Moment”
  • Camerapixo Photo Magazine: “Hot Shots”, Volume One and Two
  • Camerapixo Photo Magazine: “No rules”
  • Camerapixo Editor’s Choice
  • Paris Match, French News Magazine
  • Multiple Editor’s Choices
  • French Magazine Chasseur d’images
  • Countless number of Websites

My Artistic Vision Statement:

As an artist and passionate nature and landscape photographer, I always look for the most intimate aspects of the scene, and then reveal its beauty in a form of expressive photography. Through my images I want to tell “visual stories” that engage viewers, stimulate their perceptive vision of the place that is captured by the photograph, and allow them to associate their own memories and life experiences with the image. When photographing I make a statement about the world around me. But for it to be meaningful, I try fully absorb the place I’m photographing, and see it the way the camera does. Visualizing structures, shapes, tones, colors and other visual relationships of the setting is how I actively build my composition to present the most appealing part of the scene to the viewer. Many photographers agonize about the bad weather or lack of proper light. I view bad weather as an opportunity to capture powerful images conveying action, thrill, and visual provocation. Using various techniques I am able to photograph the dynamics of the place, intensify it, storing life within it, and emphasize its realism or origin. Images hold emotions, fantasies, and visual associations. They can have calming and healing effect on us, and surround us with a positive feeling. In a way they act as a visual reservoir of emotions providing ways for us to relive these feelings anytime we want, and all we have to do is to give them another look. To me images are simply placeholders for these feelings I then, as an artist, introduce them to the viewer.